Hi.  I’m Lauren.


I began grooming rescued dogs for Compassion Without Borders in 2017 where I have served on the board since 2013.  In 2017, I received dual certification in pet hygiene and pet grooming from the Master Grooming School, and apprenticed with two expert groomers: Lancy Woo at VIP Grooming in San Francisco, CA, and Michele Magliulo at Casey’s Place in Sonoma, CA, where I still work. 


Wet Nose Style is my private studio providing 1:1 grooming in a kennel free environment.  This studio began as a service for dogs not able to go to the local shops, such as older and special needs pets, but has expanded to meet the needs of local pet clients.  


Prior to dog grooming, my career has been on the business side of clinical research, using my MBA in finance and management to help teams develop drugs to help patients in need of treatment.   


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